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Arthur Kramer

Best Turntables under $1000

Best Turntables under $1000 reviews
It comes a time on every collector’s journey when things start to get serious and annoying. You will often start collecting small items and begin building a collection slowly, but after a few months or years, you may find yourself…

What is a turntable?

what is a turntable and its benefits
A turntable is the older version of a CD player essentially only it produces a PHONO output signal and is then converted into a LINE or AUX signal to become compatible with modern speakers. They are used to play the…

The Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Records

Vinyl records have surged in popularity in the past few years. The debate between the sound of digital vs. analog is a hot button for many passionate music lovers. Many say it’s such a broad debate that there is no…