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Arthur Kramer

How to Record from Vinyl to Digital

How to Record from Vinyl to digital
The process of recording from vinyl to digital is still a valid one, even in today’s modern era. Digitalization of records has been around for about forty years now, and with new technology and equipment available for this type of…

10 Best Headphones for Vinyl

10 Best Headphones for Vinyl reviews
Music is one of the most universal ways to communicate with others, and a great way to express yourself. It also has an amazing ability to bring people together in celebration or mourning. But what’s the best way for you…

How To Connect Record Player To Sonos

Sonos is the supreme wireless multi-room sound system. Speakers are well known for their amazing sound quality. For me personally, it’s one of the best home sound systems in the market. Yes, the price is high, but the quality, without a…

How The Record Player Works

Most people don’t know how a record player works. They think records are round because they look like CDs, and they believe that records are flat because of the large label on one side. However, both assumptions are wrong. Records…

How to Become a Successful DJ

Some people think that being a DJ is an easy job where you just spin records and get paid for it. But the reality is much different. DJs work hard to stay on top of what’s new in music, and…